The Android



Are you the next voice of Darth Vader?


Try out these lines:

  1. Did you hear that? They've shut down the main reactor. We'll be destroyed for sure. This is madness!
  2. They're heading in this direction. What are we going to do? We'll be sent to the spice mine of Kessel or smashed into who knows what!


Try an entire scene:

How did I get into this mess? I really don't know how. We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life.
I've got to rest before I fall apart. My joints are almost frozen.
What a desolate place this is.
Where are you going?
Well, I'm not going that way. It's much too rocky. This way is much easier.


Ready to audition?


Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Choose one of the scenes above or any found here: Star Wars Script
  2. Upload your audition to Sound Cloud or YouTube or any service that lets you share audio.
  3. Email a link for your audition to @
  4. Include your name in the email.



YES, we are remaking Star Wars. But, NO, this is NOT Star Wars and we are in no way affiliated with Lucasfilm.